As a relatively new field, many people don’t understand how health coaching works or why they should invest in a coach. It’s probably more affordable than you think. Although everyone has different needs, I generally recommend meeting with a coach bi-weekly or once weekly – if you need a little more support. You have big health and fitness goals for the new year and I want to give you a few ways a health coach can help you crush your goals in 2017.

  • Dieting Sucks – If your resolution for 2017 is to lose weight, your plan probably involves a strict diet and exercise regimen. However, if this isn’t your first time down the dieting road, you probably already know that it isn’t easy and it doesn’t work all that well. You might be encouraged by initial weight loss, but fall victim to yo-yo dieting, feeling deprived and bingeing on all the “forbidden foods” you can’t have on your diet and vowing to try again next year. A health coach can help you lose weight in a balanced way, making small changes and focusing on developing healthy habits rather than an all-or-nothing extreme dieting approach, making the journey maybe even a little enjoyable.
  • Better Accountability Than Your Mom – If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution before you know that although it begins with good intentions, when life gets hectic again that goal can quickly fall to the wayside. Accountability is key. You might ask your family member or friend to help keep you accountable, but they probably have better things to do than slap cookies out of your hand. They also love you and will be all too forgiving when you fall off the wagon. A better option would be bi-monthly or once weekly commitment to meet a coach who will ask you the hard questions and follow up with you on your goals. Additionally, a monetary commitment will motivate you far more than a verbal pact.
  • It’s Never Really About the Food – Your inability to stay away from sugar or fattening food is usually about much more than food. Many people have been taught from an early age to reward themselves with food (Like when your mom said: “if you score a goal in your soccer game, I’ll take you to get ice cream!”). Or you may need to examine the beginning of your unhealthy habits. Working with a health coach can help you gain an outside perspective on the root cause of your unhealthy eating and tackle it at the source.
  • You Are Not Everyone Else – The main thing I tell my clients is that there is not one true path to ultimate health. When you work with me, we will not spend all of your time talking about how to be exactly like me. I won’t tell you that in order to be healthy you can’t eat meat, cut out carbs forever or that you have to take up yoga. Working with a health coach is about finding a solution that fits your lifestyle, your specific needs and your body. Health is incredibly diverse, some people have a greater tolerance for carbs or fat or protein than others. It’s about finding your healthy life.
  • The Internet Is Big – There are hundreds of diet plans on the internet and you could try them all one by one, but the main goal of every Atkins Diet/Slim Fast/”New Miracle Diet” is to line someone’s pockets. They might work short term for some people, but in the end they don’t actually help you gain good habits, teach you balance, or how to be healthy – they may even wreck your metabolism. A health coach has done the research and will have your best interest at heart because they get to know you and what your needs are.

If you don’t want to try and fail again at the newest diet fad, you might consider a new approach. An investment in a health coach is an investment in yourself and the rewards are truly priceless.

About Jenn Haralson

Jenn is a design nerd and food enthusiast who is obsessed with ultimate health. She hates diet food and putting on pants. She lives just outside of Austin with her husband and two dogs, Cosmo and Dot.